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Some history of the Chandler-Ames Bank building after 1900:

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Entry to the Chandler-Ames Bank before and after restoration completed.




APRIL 2020

Original window and cherry paneling  discovered at the Chandler Bank Building!



  • The building housed a Law Office for a number of years
  • R. Austin Backus managed his Pedigree office there  
  • The Mexico Lunch, owned by Alice Lilly & Jessie Holton opened there in 1934.  It was later sold to The Robinsons who also owned the homestead just west of the restaurant.
  • The Farm Production Credit office was located there until it was sold to the Village of Mexico for use as the Village Hall. 
  •  The building became vacant when the Village Hall was moved to 3236 Main Street in 1996.
  • The Mexico Historical Society purchased the “Bank Building” from Wink and Frank Beadel in 2020.
  • Mexico Historical Society completed the restoration of the interior of the building.  Work continues on the exterior of the building.


The Historical Society wishes to thank all the members, friends, relatives, and everyone who donated their time, money and expertise  to makimg the renovation of this  piece of history possible.

     Chandler-Ames Bank Building History

In February of 2020, the Mexico Historical Society was able to purchase the building next to their Starr Clark Tin Shop and Underground Railroad Museum.  A restoration committee was formed to oversee the plans for the restoration of the historic building to its original state.    In August of 2023, an Open House was held to celebrate the completion of the renovation and to celebrate Starr Clark's 230th birthday.   


​In 1855, James S. Chandler and Leonard Ames Jr. built the brick bank on the site of McNair and Hatch's store.  They carried on a private banking business until 1865 when Mr. Ames withdrew from the firm.  J. S. Chandler  carried  on  the  business ​until  1867,  when  he  was  obliged  to  make assignment to Luther H. Conklin and D. W. C. Peck. Other bankers used the building until 1900, when the business was sold to Charles H. Peck, who moved the business to Jefferson Street in 1903. 
The Chandler-Ames Bank building consists of two floors of approximately 900 square feet each and a clean and dry basement. The first floor ceiling is about 8 feet in height. The original vault (made of concrete) still exists


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