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Fort Leaser

Everts Settlement

The lots comprising the Fort Leazer District were among the first of Scriba's Patent to be sold. Surveyor Benjamin Wright acquired 2 lots in 1794 and received his deed in 1795. Over time, numerous members of the Everts family settled the area; so many in fact that the area became known as the Everts Settlement. 

There never was a military establishment in the area and the name remains a mystery. One story suggests that the "fort" part of the name resulted from a snow fort built in the school yard by children who defended it from kids from a neighboring district. Yet another tale suggests that a "tramp soldier" who fought in Florida during the Seminole war and had served during his enlistment at a fort named Leazer, attended a meeting called to define the boundry of area's school district and that he blurted out "Fort Leazer forever". Apparently the citizenry considered the name worthy of the district