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     In 1802, Calvin Tiffany bought a farm on lot #64 of Scriba's Patent for the sum of $400 and built a cabin there. Calvin opened his cabin as a tavern in 1808. The establishment became known as "Calvin Tiffany's" although it and the location could have been appropriately called Tiffany Corners. The tavern was the scene of public dancing, church, school, and town meetings. The first store in the 20th town opened near the tavern in 1808. 
     Although a post office was established in the tavern with Calvin as postmaster, hopes of the corners becoming a village faded as no school house or church was built there, and the store and the post office ultimately moved into Mexico.
     In time, over a few generations, the property passed to Chester G. Dewey who built a cheese factory there.

Dewey's Corners

"Calvin Tiffany's"

IIn 1808 Calvin Tiffany opened his cabin as a tavern.  To the surveyors of the day "Calvin Tiffany's" served like a bench mark.  All roads led to Calvin Tiffany's.