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     The area that was to become known as Lamb's Corners was first settled in 1797 by the Chipman Wheaton (or Wheadon) family. Chipman was tragically lost as one of a crew sent in 1799 to rescue a group of five men missing in a lake storm while sailing to Canada for provisions. Chipman and the rescuers also never returned. 
     David Lam acquired the property circa 1803 and Lam family members Avery, James, John, and Joseph took up lots surrounding David's.
     The area eventually became a true 4 corners at the intersection of roads leading to Mexico, Prattville, Colosse, Quaker Mills and Grafton Square.
     By around 1860, the intersection was known as "Lamb's Corners", despite the incorrect spelling of the prominent residents surname.

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Five roads, one from Mexico Village, two from Prattville, one from Colosse, and one from Grafton Square meeting here justified the use of the name Corners. 

Lamb's Corners