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Nicole,  stripping  oak trim.

Teller station ready for finishing.

Restoration - Phase II

The discovery of the original oak paneling on the walls and ceiling changed the Society’s thinking on the direction of the renovation. It was apparent that the building needed to be preserved as an important part of Mexico’s history. In 2020 a restoration committee was formed to manage the restoration process. Under all the old paint, paper and wallboard the original doors, woodwork and ceiling were discovered Electricity was brought over from the Tin Shop. The building was rewired with new outlets and receptacles for overhead lighting. A new furnace was installed making it possible to continue work during winter. The old attic window was found, refurbished and installed. The arduous task of stripping paint, repairing some damage to the panels, woodwork and doors began.

Oak panels and doors stripped and ready for  finish.  Thanks to Haynes Restoration.

Chandler & Ames Bank Museum

Some of the people who volunteered to help with the  cleanup.